Friday, April 9, 2010

Free Books!

Few things spice up my workday more than when the mail guy drops off a package with a free advance reader copy in it. A few weeks ago, I hit the jackpot and got three in two days.

Two of the three were young adult books: The Daughters, about a group of children of celebrities living in New York (written by an actual celebrity child, Joanna Philbin, daughter of Regis) and Sisters Red, a modern day fairy tale that cashes in on the current werewolf trend. Both were perfectly fine books and quickly got passed along to my teenage cousin.

The third book, Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch, turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I realized that I've actually read the author's other novel, but remember literally nothing about it other than that the cover was pretty. The synopsis of this one seemed very typical- troubled adult daughter returns to her family home and must deal with issues from her past- but it was all dealt with in a very fresh, un-stereotypical way. The writing feels very genuine, and revelations about different characters are nicely paced throughout the book. I found myself really loving this book. It's a freebie that's going to find a home on my shelf.

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