Monday, August 16, 2010

What's Millie Up To?

I know you've been wondering, so here are some pictures of what Millie's been doing lately.

She loves her stuffed cupcake toy (no surprise there).

She takes a little taste with her tongue...

...then goes in for a big bite.

She loves going for walks.

After a vigorous lap around the park, her tongue miraculously grows as long as her whole face and flaps out the side of her mouth.

After all that, she loves to sleep on anything soft and cushy.

Sometimes she just likes to sit and think, with her hind legs curled in front of her like a little Buddha.

And she loves to go for bike rides!

(Just kidding! I didn't actually ride the bike with her in the basket, but she's so small that I couldn't resist posing her in it. I'll try not to become the Anne Geddes of dogs.)

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