Saturday, February 12, 2011

Champagne Wishes and Strawberry Dreams

My favorite local cupcake shop is completely decked out for Valentine's Day, with each of their cupcakes festively decorated for the holiday in some variation on the pink-red-hearts theme.

I stopped in to pick up some cupcakes to celebrate my mom's birthday and tried two of their special Valentine's flavors: champagne and strawberry-champagne.

Both were good, but the plain champagne flavor was truly delicious. Possibly one of my favorite cupcakes ever, it actually tasted like it left a bit of sparkly fizz in your mouth. They were baked in cupcake wrappers that had a little double ruffle at the top- kind of like a tulle skirt for a muffin tin.


  1. well that looks yummy. i tried a strawberry champagne jam from stonewall, and did not like it, which surprised me.

  2. Champagne cupcake? That sounds heavenly.



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