Monday, May 9, 2011

Tea for Two

To celebrate Mother's Day weekend, my mom and I went out to brunch at a local tea and scone shop.

It's a very ladylike place, decorated with shelves of traditional teapots that they actually take down and use to serve. It makes for a very homey atmosphere, like you just stopped by a tea-loving friend's house.

Besides light, flaky scones, they also happen to serve a really good breakfast on Saturday mornings- fruit blintzes and goat cheese omelets, complete with pomegranate tea and homemade chai.

The place was packed with groups of ladies who had the same idea as us. This meant that the scone case was pretty sparse by the time we were finished. Luckily we had ordered a box to take home as soon as we arrived, so we left with plenty to devour later on.

1 comment:

  1. A scone bar? A bar... for scones? I need to get myself one of those.



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