Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fancies

I've decided to take the next week off from regular posts so that I can try to make some long-awaited blog design tweaks. Don't hold me to it, though. I've been wanting to do this for well over a year now. Let's hope that I can finally get my act together and that I'm not too disappointed by the large gap between the vision in my head and my very minimal web design abilities!

Here are a few links to keep you busy in the meantime:

Some eye candy for Anglophiles.

Even more eye candy for Anglophiles.

Speaking of England, Penguin has a new English Library series coming out that looks similar to their clothbound classics but in paperback and featuring a wider range of titles. Hopefully they'll be available in the U.S. sometime.

I never thought I would ever try pickling anything from scratch, but these simple instructions may just tempt me to try it.

And check out this April Fools food project. Pretty crazy, but also way more effort than I'd ever go through for the sake of a practical joke.


  1. My mom used to make dozens of jello eggs every Easter for us. They were so good! Somehow, the fact that they were shaped like eggs made them taste even better than regular jello.

  2. I'll miss you this week, Miss B...Have a good week, and don't be too hard on yourself!
    (And the multicolored jello eggs look great in a clear glass bowl on the Easter table!)

  3. There's also a huge gap between the vision I have of my blog in my head and the reality of my practical skills to implement that vision :) Good luck!

  4. i enjoy your blog as it is, so don't feel you need to do much! joy to you, and happy reading!

  5. Looking good so far! Spring is the perfect time for a little 'face lift' no?

    Hope you have a great week & that you are doing well.




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