Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fancies

This week was a strange one in that it was incredibly busy, but also felt incredibly long. I was constantly running around, both for fun things, like ballets and book expos, and more tedious things, like errands that took me in a million different directions. The beginning of the week felt like it should have been the end of the week, and by the time the end actually arrived I had no idea what day it was. That's my long winded way of saying I'm really looking forward to the weekend. After I catch up on some rest, I'll be getting together with some out of town friends who are making a surprise trip to the city. Hope you have some fun or relaxing plans of your own (or, preferably, a little bit of both).

(image via here)

Here are some highlights from this week:

Book Snob has been writing a great series of posts as she rereads Emma. You can check out the first two installments here and here.

Who knew that Orla Kiely designed a line for Uniqlo? Some of her graphic prints would be very cute for summer.

Doesn't this Gatsby themed party look lovely?

I'm currently loving the photography on this blog.

And Humans of New York is a compelling collection of street portraits. On a completely random note, remember when I wrote about the crazy wig-wearing topless lady who crashed Mindy Kaling's book signing? She's actually shown in one of these, so click through the portraits at your own risk!

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  1. I hope you get the relaxation you need after your crazy week!
    I love the photos of the Gatsby party. I want to do a Gatsby related program at the library this winter before the movie comes out.



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