Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fancies

This week I made my first farmer's market stop of the season. I like to plan my summer meals around the veggies I can find there each week, but in past years too much advance planning caused me to fall into a routine of getting the same few items over and over again. I've decided to be more spontaneous with my produce this year by trying to buy one item each visit that I don't have a specific recipe for but that just strikes my fancy. My spontaneous pick this time around was a bunch of swiss chard. Later, a quick search on Pinterest led me to discover a delicious recipe for swiss chard and white bean gnocchi. The recipe is definitely a keeper and one I'd highly recommend trying.

Other discoveries of the week:

Here's proof that one letter has the power to drastically alter a book cover.

Have you heard that Paul Giamatti is joining Downton Abbey next season?

An infographic guide to abandoned books.

A vintage interview with Henry Green that's interesting, strange, and funny by turn.

Don't you want one of these for your desk at work?

And if you live in England, you may just have a chance of seeing Mr. Darcy emerging from a lake near you. 


  1. swiss chard and white bean gnocchi? wow! we love gnocchi, but always had it with red sauce. hmm. sounds interesting!

    1. It was delicious! I'd highly recommend trying it if you're a gnocchi fan.



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