Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Season's Readings

Well hello again, and happy any readers who may still be out there, that is! I have to admit  that over the past several months I've been guilty of two of my biggest blogging pet peeves: 1) repeated apologies and excuses during slow periods of blogging; and 2) a long, unexplained stretch of radio silence (in my case it was mostly due to a lack of blogging inspiration). I'm feeling ready to start posting more regularly around here, though, Maybe that will happen in the new year, maybe earlier. I don't want to commit to anything definite, but I did want to briefly pop in with a recommendation for a perfect seasonal read: Christmas Pudding and Pigeon Pie by Nancy Mitford.

Coupled together in a recently reissued volume, these are two of Mitford's earliest novels. Like her more famous works, these are frothy and witty reads. With influences from Mitford's own life, they simultaneously offer a glimpse into and poke fun at the British aristocracy of a certain time period. Unlike her later novels, though, these two have more hi-jinx going on in their plots, with mistaken identities and characters who are not what they seem. In Christmas Pudding, a writer poses as a tutor to gain access to a country house and the biographical papers of its family. In Pigeon Pie, the outbreak of World War II sees a flighty heiress get drawn into a German spy plot that's unfolding right under her nose. Both are thoroughly enjoyable reads, particularly for anyone who's already a Mitford fan. And although only one of the two stories unfolds during the holiday season, either one would be a great read for this time of year--perfect light reading for when you're curled up on the coach with Christmas music playing in the background.

Have you read any Christmas themed books lately? Or are there any non-holiday books you're planning to read this season? I know that I'm looking forward to diving into at least a few more during my upcoming holiday break.


  1. I am very glad to see a post from you, but I understand how easy it is to drift away. I've committed your pet peeves myself over the past few months.
    I've never read Nancy Mitford, but I own a couple of her books. She is one of those "saving for the perfect time" authors for me.
    I've been reading a neat little book called White Christmas: The Story of an American Song by Jody Rosen. It's a tidy look at pop music of the 40's, Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby and how the war changed people's taste in music - really fascinating stuff.
    I hope to see you around soon! Happy holidays!

    1. Happy Holidays to you too! White Christmas sounds like an interesting book. Although I may not get around to reading it this year, you've reminded me that I still need to do my annual viewing of White Christmas the movie.

  2. Nancy Mitford has been on my radar for a while. My to be read list is getting longer and longer and now these two stories sound too fun and wonderful to not read soon. I have a few Christmas Romance novels (freebies) on my Nook, but I probably won't get to them until after Christmas. Don't worry about not blogging, if you are not in the mood, you just aren't in the mood. There is nothing wrong with that. I've gone through several periods where I thought I would shut down my blog, and that might still be a possibility in the far future. Happy Reading and Happy Holidays. :)

    1. I think you will like Nancy Mitford. I'll be interested to hear what you think when you finally read her. Happy Holidays!



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