Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fancies

In what's become something of a new tradition, my family visited Grounds for Sculpture in the days following Christmas. It remains one of my favorite museum experiences and the unusually mild weather was perfect for taking in both the nature and the sculptures.

Yale's collection of Edith Wharton papers includes some of her recipes. I'm tempted to file this away for next Christmas.

An interesting article related to Mark Zuckerberg's recently announced book club and his discovery that--news flash!--books are intellectually fulfilling.

Here's a great story about Kale Chips, the overweight beagle who's getting some much-needed help from a Chicago rescue group.

And PBS is on hot streak with it's shows lately. Besides the new season of Downton Abbey, they've also started showing The Great British Baking Show and Grantchester premieres this Sunday. Are you watching?

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