Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Fancies

We're finally getting into summer reading season. Are there any books you're especially looking forward to in the coming months? Between several trips to the library, a small spree at my local bookstore, and an order with a few new Persephones on the way, I should be all set for at least the next month. I'm particularly looking forward to reading this short story collection, which I picked up entirely based on seeing the following quote: "I fix myself a hot chocolate because it is a gateway drug to reading." I couldn't agree more.

(Some new succulent plants in two vintage head vases. I'm hoping they'll thrive as a result of being placed near the Nancy Mitford books.)

Speaking of hot chocolate, it's completely out of season but I've been on a kick of making it from scratch lately and this recipe hits it out of the park.

Some of the best zingers from Jane Austen.

And a newly discovered site that reveals the secret life of punctuation, plus a BBC interview that includes an interesting discussion about getting punctuation to look the way that you want something to sound.

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