Monday, May 11, 2009

Crafty Weekend Recap

In addition to some Mother's Day festivities on Sunday, I spent this weekend being the craftiest and thriftiest that I've been in a long time.

I Acquired.....

A pretty vintage picture frame for $5 courtesy of the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop. Shabby-chic with metallic golds and greens, it should go nicely with one of the new Black Apple prints I've ordered, which works out perfectly since I just got a third print as a gift from my cousin/goddaughter Hannah!

Sylvie by Emily Martin. Will be the third in my collection from The Black Apple!

I Baked....

My version of Magnolia cupcakes. White cake mix with a touch of almond extract, and vanilla icing with a touch of rosy color piped on top. They were a hit at the Mother's Day celebration.

And I Crafted....

Some lovely and adorable feathered headbands!

Wearing them makes me feel like a character from Gatsby. Even when I'm not wearing them, they look just as pretty grouped in a vase on my dresser:

Not only do these bring a touch of Twenties Era style into my everyday life, but they also got good reviews from someone who was actually alive in the 1920's!

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