Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More pretty art...and a hint.

Although my lack of recent posts may give the appearance that I haven't been reading anything lately, that's not the case. I've just been too busy to post anything, what with work stuff and travelling to my college reunion. (See pretty campus in beautiful weather below!)

I actually really like the book I just finished and will be writing about it soon. In the meantime, here's a hint:

Very sweet! Very much like the book. I wonder what it could be...

I also came across two more cute items from my favorite Etsy artist Emily Martin of theblackapple. Here's her Books Print, which I really like:

She also does a set of bookplates which, upon close inspection, I realized were drawn to look like me! Seriously, look at this closeup:

And since I'm constantly raving about stuff from theblackapple, I thought I'd also share a couple of things from two of my other favorite Etsy artists:

Cupcake Bird by Etsy artist kwilson544. I feel like he's thinking, "Yes, I have a cupcake on my head. So what?"

Wallflower by Etsy artist LilyMoon

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