Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Liberty

On the heels of my last post, I made a trip to Target's Liberty of London pop-up shop near Bryant Park after work today. The upside is that everything was adorable and seemed like much better quality than these special collections for Target sometimes are. The downside is that so much must have sold out when the shop opened yesterday that their inventory was down to a limited number of styles, and what they did have was mostly in bigger sizes.

Here's how the shop looked when I walked in:

This giant teacup reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Or more specifically, the Mad Hatter teacup ride at Disney World. I felt like climbing into this and spinning around.

One of their chairs:

They had a lot of the clothing on display, even items that had already sold out of the shop. Of course, this picture happens to catch only two kids outfits and the one women's dress that's strangely low cut and not in keeping with the style rest of their stuff. Everything outside of this frame was really nice, though.

Now I'm even more excited to head to a real Target and hunt for some of these.

Side note: More book posts are coming soon. It probably seems like I haven't been living up to the Bibliophile name lately...

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