Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boat Cruise

To celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday over the weekend, my entire family went on a boat cruise around Manhattan. It was kind of a grey day, but I still managed to get a few nice pictures.

The Colgate clock on the New Jersey side of the river:

I love all the old buildings in this picture:

I'm endlessly fascinated by seeing Manhattan from the East River, probably because I hardly ever get to see it from that point of view. I got a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge:

And a not so great view of me! There's always some risk involved when you give an iphone camera to an unfamiliar user (a.k.a. my dad). I'll admit it can be tricky to see when the picture is actually being taken, especially with the outdoor glare.

Besides the great scenery, there was lunch and music on the boat. When the DJ played the electric slide, my grandma just couldn't help getting up to dance, and it turns out that she's got some nice moves. Forget when I'm 90, I hope I manage to look this good dancing at the wedding I'm going to this weekend!

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  1. nice work embedding the video of your gramma! that is awesome, she is so cute!



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