Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corn with Basil Butter

I was unduly excited about stopping by the farmer's market after work yesterday. It was practically the only thing I could think about all day long. I left the office, dashed over in the ninety degree heat, and arrived to find...mostly just bunches of lettuce. I guess here in New Jersey, it's just a bit too early for the bulk of the tomato crop and a bit too late for the really good berries.

I did come away with some really good corn, though, and decided to dress it up a little bit.

I'm generally not one to put butter on my corn, but I had the idea to try topping it with some butter infused with basil snipped from the pot I have growing on my back stoop.

I just mashed a few leaves with a pat of room temperature butter, then spread it on top of the hot corn.


1 comment:

  1. Oh yum! I love this idea! I'll have to try it.





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