Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Modern Flapper

I'm well aware that if I do one or two more posts about Zelda, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or modern day interpretations of the 1920s, I'll have reached some kind of tipping point and will have to start a spin-off blog devoted just to that topic. Until then, though, you'll have to put up with me because today (thanks to Oh Joy!) I came across these flapper-esque dresses from Alexandra Grecco's Etsy shop.

These would look perfect paired with any of the Zelda inspired items featured in July's issue of Matchbook, or with these jewelry pieces that the NY Times magazine blogged about. I can just imagine Daisy Buchanan hopping into an old-fashioned car in one of these.

See, I'm not the only one who's obsessed.


  1. I just saw Woody Allen's new film Midnight in Paris and thought of you! Owen Wilson plays a modern writer who time travels (in a totally non-cheesy way, somehow) to the 1920s where he meets F. Scott and Zelda, among others. Worth a watch!

  2. Two things:
    1) I hopped on over here after seeing your comment on Oh Joy's ice cream/animal cracker goodliness, because I had to see who was so fantastic to notice that, and
    2) After reading this post, I was all "I would totally follow that spin-off!" and then about to write kind of the exact same comment as AlloLune.

    It's a good day:)

  3. AlloLune, cartwheels- I saw Midnight in Paris, too, and (obviously) loved all the 1920's nostalgia. I may have to find a record player and start listening to Cole Porter.



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