Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Pot Wonder

I always feel proud of myself when I come up with a dish all on my own, no recipe in sight. I'm even prouder when said dish involves an unexpected ingredient and only requires one small saucepan to make (a necessity for me a few weeks ago, when the heat wave we were having coincided with my dishwasher being on the fritz).

Let's call this dish Gnocchi with Peas in a Creamy Pesto Sauce, shall we?

I cooked frozen gnocchi according to package directions, adding a few handfuls of frozen peas into the boiling pasta water for the last few minutes.

I drained the pasta and peas and, back in the same pot, heated a few spoonfuls of pre-made pesto (I used Giada's brand, available at Target). I added in some grated Romano cheese and some skim milk to turn it into a light cream sauce. To thicken the sauce just a bit, I added some spoonfuls of plan Greek yogurt- not the most traditional of pasta ingredients.

I combined it all together, garnished with some fresh basil from my back stoop, and ate!

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