Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self Portrait with Glasses and Dog

Today I wanted to do a little show and tell post about my glasses. I decided to pull Millie into the shots for some gratuitous cuteness. I should have know better than to try and take them during her antsiest time of day. After much fidgeting and wiggling (on my part alone!), these are the best I could come up with.

First are my newest glasses, which actually aren't new at all--they're a vintage pair that I found on Etsy and had made up with my prescription. They're similar in shape to Ray Bans, but a light golden brown color.

Next is my older pair, which I've had for about a year and still love. They're brown tortoise on top, clear plastic on the bottom. I've gotten quite a surprising number of compliments on them (including once at a jcrew store, which I'm pretty sure is the equivalent of two compliments anywhere else).

I'm really liking having a wardrobe of glasses and may have to start keeping my eyes open for a third pair. A cat's eye shape, perhaps?

1 comment:

  1. How darling are you???? Love those retro glasses! So fun to see the real Miss Bibliophile! ~Melissa



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