Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fancies

You know how every year, there's one person in your family who is impossible to shop for at the holidays? This year, I think I'm in danger of becoming that person in my family. I really can't think of any suggestions to give them when they ask what I want for Christmas. So what I want to know today is, what's on your holiday wish list this year?

(I reserve the right to steal any and all ideas for my own list.)

Really hoping that this future BBC miniseries eventually makes its way to U.S. television.

Nancy Mitford wrote a Christmas themed novel? Who knew!

Why are camera bags so pretty yet so expensive?

I'm thinking of downloading one of these to make my computer time a little more festive.

And watch out Maddie, Momo may be giving you some competition.


  1. Most of the things I have on my list are books! I would also really love a Clare Vivier bag, but I think that is something I will have to buy for myself (along with an iPhone 5).
    I love the winter wallpapers - so beautiful. And I would love to read Christmas Pudding, but copies are hard to find!

  2. I will be no help. I don't want anything for Christmas! But I hope Santa brings you something you wanted that you didn't know you wanted. :)



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