Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fancies

This is the third Christmas that I've lived in my apartment and I've finally reached the point where I've perfectly honed my holiday decorations: wreath on the mirror, lights around the windows, tabletop tree in place. But my favorite decoration is actually the lit garland I put on my mantle (or faux mantle, I should say, since it's a ledge against a brick wall with no fireplace in sight). Each year I love finding new little treasures, usually silver and sparkly, to tuck into it. One of my new additions this year is a miniature domed cake stand that I filled with mirrored ornaments.

Now for some links from the week. Surprisingly, most are non-holiday related:

Houses of Fiction is an art project that showcases dual versions of famous literary rooms. One is a literal representation of the room as described in the story, the other is a more metaphorical interpretation of the madness experienced by the fictional character who inhabits the room.

A thought provoking post about commenting on blogs.

Fun photos using record covers.

Would you wear the entire text of a classic novel?

And to end on a somewhat seasonal note, who doesn't love a good holiday book gift guide? This one is for you if cookbooks and coffee table books are your thing.


  1. Your decorations sound lovely. I enjoyed the link to the book gift guide, and I love getting cookbooks for Christmas!

  2. After following the link to Stuck in a Book, I feel I must comment on this post...;-) Lovely mantle, good links (as usual), and keep up the good work! I look forward to reading your blog every day. (Although I have trouble sometimes proving that I'm human! I'm getting better though.)

  3. Those sleeveface photos are hilarious and awesome.

    I love the miniature cake stand idea - how clever!

  4. Those sleeveface photos are so clever! Love them!



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