Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fancies

I've been on quite a book buying binge lately. Throughout high school and college, I bought books faster than I could read them and pretty much always had an entire shelf filled with books waiting to be read. I've curbed my purchases a lot since then, largely by making more use of the library, but have felt myself slipping back into my old ways recently. I'd like to place the blame on the articles that pop up every now and then bemoaning the demise of bookstores, and of printed books in general. Every time I see one of those, it makes it easier to justify new book purchases as a way of stockpiling while I still have the chance.

Below is a peek at a few of my newest acquisitions that will be coming soon to future posts. And I promise that once the weather warms up, I'll take my camera outside and try to expand my photography beyond "still life with books".

Here are a few more finds from the week:

A look at the knitting studio of Jared Flood, the designer behind Brooklyn Tweed.

A teatime twist on homemade Valentine's treats.

A bird's eye view of time lapse photographs.

PBS is currently airing Shakespeare Uncovered, an interesting series in which big name actors dissect various aspects of Shakespeare's works.

And I really enjoyed this article about Boston's independent bookstores, partly because it covers my old stomping ground and partly because it makes one of the best arguments for the merits of bookstores over online ordering when it says, "When you come into a bookstore and browse, sometimes you're looking in a section and you realize the book you've never heard of is the book you really need".


  1. Thank you so much for the tip about the Shakespeare series on PBS. I will definitely be watching that. Also, a great article on independent bookstores. Have a great weekend!

  2. So glad to see Pym and Jenkins among your purchases! I have taken a break from buying books, but I think I feel a mini binge coming on.
    I look forward to exploring your links and thank you for the reminder about Shakespeare Uncovered - I will set them to record before it slips my mind.

  3. I have been really struggling to contain my own book-buying lately! It is good to know someone else is in the same boat. (Stumbled on your blog through Goodreads, by the way - I like it.)

  4. Those tea bags are adorable! Love them!

    ....and it's so hard to NOT buy books. If it's a book I really love, I want to own it. Period. ;-)



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