Thursday, January 31, 2013

And Speaking of Dresses...

In keeping with the theme from yesterday's post, here are two of my favorite dresses from the SAG Awards red carpet:

Something about the combination of the strapless top, full skirt, and unexpected pockets made Marion Cotillard look elegant yet relaxed in this dress.

As much as I hate to see Rory Gilmore with skeevy Pete Campbell, I thought Alexis Bledel looked pretty (and Atonement-esque) in this green dress.

And for a quick nod to jewelry, I loved the flapper-esque necklace that Amanda Seyfried wore. It looked like something that could have been borrowed from the the costume department of the upcoming Gatsby film.

Have you been following the awards shows this year? What have been your favorite dresses?


  1. Excuse me, does that picture mean that Rory Gilmore is going out with Pete from Mad Men? I do not approve! She belongs with Jess!

  2. I love all your choices. Especially Marion's dress.

    And what?!?!? Rory canNOT be dating Pete. That is just wrong!



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