Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fancies

I've been lucky enough to get to go to BEA a few times now thanks to my job. Although I get a bit more blasé about it with each one, I made spur of the moment decision to go check out this year's convention yesterday afternoon. Aside from weaving through crowds and winding my way through the booths, I also caught a presentation on some of the upcoming Fall literary fiction offerings from several independent publishers, where I picked up a few advance copies that I'm excited about. Another highlight was an in-person sighting of something that I had actually already bookmarked for today's collection of links: Penguin's mobile book truck, which was at the convention center and will be hitting a few other cities this summer.

These need to become as prevalent as food trucks, don't they?

A few other links that caught my eye recently:

For the ultimate Fitzgerald fan: the recipe for F. Scott's prohibition ale

How to decorate a well layered room.

And Barbara Pym Reading Week is almost here! I'm reading Crampton Hodnet in honor of it.

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  1. The Penguin truck is awesome! I wish it would make its way to Phoenix, but then again maybe not...I'd probably go broke.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on Crampton Hodnet - it's another one that I haven't heard much about.



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