Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fancies

It's been ages since I've done a Friday Fancies post. I'm slowly but surely working my way back into the blogging routine, so without further ado, here are a few links of note that caught my eye recently.

(plus a gratuitous close up of Millie, because why not?)

In keeping with the canine theme, here's a look back at the PBS series Wishbone.

A new food blog on the horizon that looks promising.

A fantastic essay by Neil Gaiman about libraries and reading fiction.

And a sneak peek at a literary cameo that we can expect on Season 4 of Downton Abbey.


  1. I think the Neil Gaiman essay is really really great. It definitely put some thoughts and opinions into my head, and I hope as many people as possible read it!
    (also, thanks for linking to the literary city guides, those are great!)

    1. It is a great essay. I especially like his arguments about how reading fiction increases empathy and innovation.

  2. That's wonderful about the literary cameo. I hope it's a big role and not just a two second scene.

    1. Me too. My prediction is that she'll be involved in Edith's storyline somehow.

    2. Yes, I agree. I thought the same thing. Although I still haven't gotten over the madwoman in the attic thing (the Jane Eyre rip-off).



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