Monday, February 3, 2014

That Time I Drank Wine With a Giraffe

Today I have some photos to share that are a throwback to last fall when, during my non-blogging black hole, I went to a wine festival at Six Flags Great Adventure. I realize that Six Flags might not seem like the most classy place to be sipping wine, but it was actually a really fun day. The amusement park was closed for the season and they had two large pavilions set up for local New Jersey wineries to offer tastings. After trying endless sips of delicious wine, we then got to go on a ride through Six Flag's animal safari (which, incidentally, has become much more pleasant since my elementary school days, when people drove themselves through and the big thrill was waiting to see if the monkeys were going to climb all over your car).

At about the halfway point, we got to stop and get off of the safari vehicle, taste more wines, and feed giraffes.

This one was Meredith. She thought her mixture of giraffe pellets and crushed-up sugar cones was full bodied with just a hint of sweetness.

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