Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Festivities

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I spent my holiday weekend at home at the shore, and it (unintentionally) turned out to be quite all-American, filled with beach-going, bike riding, and porch-sitting-and-reading.

My dad did a great job decorating the house for the holiday.

On Friday night, we kept up our tradition of gathering on the front walk to watch the town fireworks display.

Our great vantage point has lessened a bit as the neighborhood trees have grown over the years.

On Saturday, I hopped on my mom's bike for some rides around the neighborhood.

The bike is about twenty years old and has a great vintage look...

...complete with wicker basket!

What a cozy-looking porch, perfect for reading in the shade or having some lunch... these yummy BLTs my mom made. Very all-American, although I guess the Earl Grey iced tea served as a nod to our former British ties.

We capped off the weekend with an evening trip to Long Beach Island.

First we walked around the Beach Haven's shopping and amusement park area.

Then we headed to Barnegat Light for a first-ever nighttime visit to the lighthouse!

Looks very ominous and looming.

The cloudy skies/ full moon combination added to the spooky atmosphere.

All-in-all, a great summer weekend. My only complaint- the mosquitoes! They were out in full force and I have about twenty bites per leg to prove it. All of the insects must be on overload after the Seattle-like weather we've had over the past month- just look at these killer bees!

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