Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lucinda Taco Truck- Muy Delicioso!

I just polished off a burrito from Lucinda Burritos & Tacos Truck, which parks in my neighborhood. Tonight was the second time I've stopped there and both times it was delicious. The vegetarian burritos have both black and pinto beans in them (most places make you choose one or the other), a lime crema sauce, really good guacamole, and, unlike many burritos, aren't full of rice.

I also splurged on an iced cinnamon dulce de leche, which was really, really good and had a perfect coffee/ sweetness balance. I'm anxious to try their fish tacos as well.

Above is "Lucinda" herself- she's painted on the side of the bright yellow truck.

This definitely isn't a typical food truck, as it was written up in the NY Times and Food & Wine.

The only negative thing is that it's always parked outside on my way home from work, taunting me with promises of delicious Mexican food that will overshadow whatever dinner I have planned. I may have to make this a weekly habit.

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