Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spicing Up September

September's been a slow month on the blog. Chalk it up to moving to a new apartment, taking care of Millie, and being stuck in a book that I'm just not that into. To make up for it, I'm squeaking in one last post before the end of the month.

Just a few blocks from my new place is a great Mexican restaurant called Charritos. They make some really yummy dishes with mole sauce. That's mo-lay, in case you didn't realize that I'm too lazy to insert the Spanish accent mark over the "e". Apparently I'm also too lazy to look up what that accent mark is called.

Almost everyone who goes there orders the homemade guacamole. Surprisingly spicy, it's made in with a big mortar and pestle right at your table.

The table decorations are really cute too. Loud tablecloths, festive glasses, and embroidered cloth napkins.

On an unrelated note, I've added a few of my current and new favorites to the list of blogs on the left.

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