Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Blessing

Continuing on with my recent Nancy Mitford kick, I read The Blessing, another one of her novels reissued with a really pretty cover.

It's the story of a young British woman who marries a Frenchman during World War II. After the war, and with a young son in tow (a.k.a. their little "blessing"), they move to Paris where she is confronted with her husband's philandering and their French social circle's acceptance of it. She leaves him to return to England and her son, now old enough to realize that his parents spoil and dote on him more when they're apart than when they're together, mischievously plays them against each other to try to prevent a reconciliation. It's all written with a very light touch and, although not as funny as Wigs on the Green, was a lively and entertaining read.

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