Monday, March 7, 2011

Sea Urchins

I tend to be the opposite of a fair-weather knitter. I pick up my needles in the winter, when the cold weather makes it cozy to stay inside with a project, and then cast them aside when the weather gets warm. I need to work on being more consistent throughout the year, but since spring's approaching, I figured that I should probably share what could potentially be my last project of the season.

This is the Sea Urchin cowl, made from a pattern I found on Ravelry and likely named for the way it looks like a little rounded sea creature when stood up on one end. I made the cream one first and liked it so much that, despite not having quite enough yarn, I managed to reduce the size a bit and eek out the green one. It has flecks of navy and yellow running through the dark green that remind me of the colors in a tartan plaid.


  1. How cute, Lauren! You are so multi-talented! Why don't you move to Indiana and teach me? You could join my book club too. We would be so happy to have you! Leslie would be happy too. (Of course, your family wouldn't be so happy...but think of the fun Millie could have with Violet...)

  2. My niece is studying marine biology, specificall echinoderms which include sea urchins. Could you share this pattern with me so I can knit it for a Christmas gift?

  3. hkclipper- I got the pattern from If you search their patterns for Sea Urchin Cowl, you should be able to find it there. Hope your niece enjoys it!

  4. Sadly, she has removed the pattern, which is why I was hoping you would share it with me :)

  5. I'll try to give it in a nutshell:

    Materials= 2 skeins Lion Brand Thick & Quick; Size 11 24-inch circular needle

    In the pattern, Ch4= knit 1, then move stitch from right needle back to left needle, repeat 3 more times to make a 4 stitch chain

    CO 68 sts, place marker, & join in round
    Purl rounds 1-3
    Knit rounds 4-6
    Purl rounds 7-9
    Round 10: knit
    Round 11: *K1, Ch4*
    Round 12: knit
    Round 13: *Ch4, K1*
    Round 14: Knit
    Repeat Rounds 11-12 two more times
    Purl rounds 23-25
    Knit rounds 26-28
    Purl rounds 29-31



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