Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fates Will Find Their Way

Hannah Pittard's novel The Fates Will Find Their Way has a story reminiscent of Virgin Suicides, a narration like Then We Came to the End, and a dash of what I imagine The Lovely Bones to be.

It also has a really deft way of moving back and forth through time, both real and hypothetical, that gives it a fresh feel all its own. The story is told through the collective voice of a group of adolescent boys who grow up together. One Halloween night, a girl from their high school goes missing and is never found again. We see these boys grow to middle age, unable to fully forget the lost girl. As the boys tell their story, the "we" voice alludes to things that happen to various members of the group in the future and speculates about what really happened on that Halloween night. It creates an interesting effect that makes the reader feel like a member of the group, as equally haunted by the mysterious abduction as the characters are.


  1. Will have to check it out!

    Love the cover design in any case.

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. I love the cover!! Looks interesting.

  3. omg. I think I should read it just to carry that cool cover around! thanks for the info:)

  4. I love to read your take on books! I wish I had your literature background and good taste!



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