Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Spy

I'd never read anything by John Le Carre before, and I probably wouldn't have picked up his latest novel, Our Kind of Traitor, if a free copy hadn't come my way. The story is centered around a young British couple who are drawn into the world of espionage after they are unwittingly selected to be the confidants of a Russian crime family while on vacation in the Caribbean. The first and last thirds of the book were cinematic and suspenseful, but the middle third dragged for me, and felt overly bogged down with details of Russian political corruption that were somehow both too intricate and too vague.

That being said, I still found it entertaining enough to consider trying another Le Carre novel in the future. Maybe this one, so I'll be ready for the upcoming film version with Colin Firth. Or maybe I'll just pick out the one with the most interesting cover (they are published by Penguin, after all).

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