Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Macaron Mishap

Ever since I attended Joanne Chang's baking demo, I've been obsessed with the recipes in her cookbook Flour. So far I've managed to pull off her scones and homemade Oreos, and have made her delicious banana bread several times to rave reviews. When a few of my relatives came over for dinner a few weeks ago, I decided to make her chocolate almond macarons for dessert. I had never made macarons before, and figure that her recipe would be the perfect one to start out with.

Turns out I was wrong.

After mixing all the ingredients together, I was left with a batter that was way too thin and watery to hold any kind of shape on the baking try. Thinking that I may have over mixed it, I scrapped it all and started over from scratch. This time the batter came out a little thicker, so I thought I was in good shape. I popped them into the oven and waited for the timer to ding only to discover that, instead of the round little puffs like in the picture above, my cookies looked a little more like this:

Wah wah :(

I salvaged what I could by cutting this into round-ish shapes and used the chocolate ganache to form them into odd, disfigured sandwiches. All wasn't for nothing, though. As ugly as they looked, they tasted pretty delicious in the end.

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