Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Fancies

Before I head off for Thanksgiving, here are a few things that caught my fancy this (half) week.

Chic gloves from Target.

An interesting book blogger conversation about One Day.

Anthology's winter gift guide put me in a festive mood.

So did this London skating outing. Wouldn't you love to drink hot chocolate from a blue Tiffany's cup?

And once I've recovered from Thursday's feast, I might like a slice of Kale, Pancetta, and Grape pizza.

What are you fancying this week? A special Thanksgiving dish? A Black Friday sale?


  1. Ice skating, then hot chocolate from a Tiffany's cup? That would be a perfectly wonderful afternoon.

  2. I also saw those cute target gloves! love em!

  3. Umm... that pumpkin pie in a pumpkin needs to be in my belly. For a book blog you're making me awfully hungry this evening. Maybe I should eat and then get my read on.



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