Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fancies

As everyone knows, Maurice Sendak passed away earlier this week. Did you have a favorite book of his? I'm sure Where the Wild Things Are is the most popular answer, but I've always been partial to some of the stories from his Nutshell Library, like Chicken Soup With Rice and Pierre, which was often quoted back to me growing up whenever I said "I don't care" about something. In reading some of the articles about Sendak from the past week, I was surprised to realize that he illustrated some other children's books that I remember reading, like the Little Bear series and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Did you know that he also designed the sets and costumes for the Pacific Northwest Ballet's version of The Nutcracker? It's by far one of the most fanciful productions I've seen.

(image via here)

A few more notable things from the week:

Have you tried any of the new Greek frozen yogurts yet? Ben and Jerry's and Oikos both make tasty varieties. I may try adapting this yogurt popsicle recipe to make a homemade version. 

Pot de Creme is also pretty high on my list of desserts I want to try. This butterscotch version looks pretty great.

I had never heard of the artist Eric Ravilious until I read this post, but I was instantly taken with his work.

Check out this tiny and adorable teardrop camper.

And I'll leave you with three words: Cupcake ATM Machine.


  1. We've always been major fans of the Nutshell Library too. My mom and I used to "perform" "Pierre" when I was a little kid. She would recite the poem, and when she looked at me I would say, "I don't care."

  2. I love Miss Piggle Wiggle EVEN MORE now that I know he illustrated it!



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