Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Firsts- Blog Love

I'm trying something a little different today. On the first Friday of every month, instead of doing my usual Friday Fancies roundup, I thought I'd dedicate to a particular "first", sometimes book related, sometimes not. So my question for today is:

What was the first blog you discovered that got you interested in blogging?

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I'm assuming that the way I first got into the blog world is fairly common with other bloggers or blog readers: you start reading one blog that you love, then that leads you to another one, then another after that. For me, that first blog was Inside a Black Apple. I discovered it as a result of seeing Emily Martin's Etsy shop. Something about her art just struck a chord with me and I became instantly interested in her blog, scrolling through page after page to read all of her past posts. Later, once I had completely exhausted her blog archives, I branched out to others. The group of blogs that I consider to be my favorites ebbs and flows over time, but I always have a fond place in my Google Reader for Inside a Black Apple.

So tell me, what was the first blog that caught your fancy? I'd love to hear about it (and maybe discover a new blog or two for myself)!


  1. What a great question! The first blog I started reading was Random Jottings back in 2007 or 2008. Through Elaine's blog I discovered Stuck in a Book and learned about Viragos and Persephones, etc. I am so glad I stumbled onto these two blogs and I still read them after all these years!

  2. My first blog was Wife in the North. I think she has stopped writing now but go look for her and read her archives. It is magnificent and so, so moving.

  3. hmm, I can't remember mine - maybe Elements of Style?

  4. NieNie Dialogues. Found out about it via Cookie magazine (R.I.P.).

    I'm not Mormon. I don't have 4 kids. And yet I had never seen anyone, in real life or online, with such an infectious JOY about motherhood. I read all thru her archives, I read everything. When Stephanie had her accident, I felt like it had happened to a close personal friend. It was devastating.



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