Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fancies

In all honesty, there are some weeks when it's a stretch to come up with a few links to share for my Friday Fancies post. This was not one of those weeks. There seemed to be interesting things everywhere I looked online this week, starting with my favorite discovery, the art of Janet Hill. I'm completely enamored with her work. It's as though she specifically set out to capture my aesthetic in her pieces. I basically want to buy everything in her shop, but I think I may settle on these two. And maybe this one. The portrait below was a closer runner up, though. (Doesn't she remind you a little of Lady Mary Crawley?)
(image: Kathleen would never be described as beautiful, but there was something extraordinary about her by Janet Hill, via here)

Here are the (many) other things that caught my eye this week:

It was so hot the past few days that I couldn't resist trying this homemade ice cream. A refreshing treat from just four ingredients, no churning needed.

Speaking of food, Fictitious Dishes features meals from five famous novels.

I wonder which literary character would eat this crazy looking breakfast muffin? (And by crazy, I mean amazing.)

Can one of these pop up somewhere near me?

Nice bookmarks made from the spines of old books.

A new period drama coming to PBS this fall.

Some very sweet, personalized wedding couple and bridal party illustrations.

Wouldn't you love to show up to a work meeting or a class with one of these notebooks?

Some fanciful phone booths popping up around London.

And the Underground New York Public Library just might be one of the most compelling photography/ blog projects I've seen yet.

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  1. Wonderful links this week! I love the Janet Hill art and am so excited to learn about the new Masterpiece series. And the Underground New York Public Library is fascinating. Thanks for the enlightenment!



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