Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fancies

Who's excited for the Olympics to start tonight? I am, although I'm probably looking forward to seeing scenes of London more than any of the actual competitions. I do enjoy watching certain events, like swimming, but I wish they'd show more of the unusual sports, like archery or fencing. Which Olympic sport is your favorite?

(image via here)

Here are some interesting things to check out when boredom inevitably sets in around hour 3 of the Opening Ceremony:

All of this London talk makes me feel like having a cup of tea. I wish I had some from the Jane Austen Tea Collection by, fittingly, Bingley's Teas. I'd like to try a cup of Compassion for Mrs. Bennett's Nerves.

Even though I still haven't gotten around to using Instagram, I some of these photo editing apps look fun.

Wouldn't you like to have a book themed summer picnic?

 Or if you're feeling a little more materialistic, you might enjoy shopping Nordstron's Anniversary Sale vicariously through this series. That was always a big back-to-school shopping event for me (especially the year I got a pair of burgundy Doc Marten boots!).


  1. I love this graphic!

    My favs are gymnastics, swimming, and track and field! Recently I got caught up in an hour or so of the Tour de France, so maybe cycling!

  2. hello there! we're going to miss the opening ceremony tonight b/c we have play tickets - a high school production of "legally blond". ah well. it will be wonderful to watch the competition! happy weekend, n

  3. I've always loved the Olympics, but this year I am feeling kind of blah about them. Swimming and gymnastics are my favorite of the sports to watch and I will probably end up loving them as much as ever.
    I'm addicted to Instagram so thanks for the link to the fun photo apps!

  4. I know what you mean -- I love the Olympics but I love London even more!



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