Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Franciscan Monastery

There's a Franciscan Monastery located right in Kennebunkport that's pretty unique in that, in addition to having a church and being home to a group of monks, it also operates a guest house that's open to the public. Although the term guest house sounds rather quaint, the actual lodgings look more like a college dorm, like a minimal but more affordable alternative to staying in a hotel. Although I didn't stay there myself, I did snap a few pictures as I walked around the grounds of the monastery, which include various monuments and shrines where people leave all manner of prayer offerings and tokens of remembrance.


  1. I have been to Kennebunkport many times. My daughter went to college in Maine and we love driving along the coast of Maine. I have noticed this monastery before but never gone in. Thanks for the images and opportunity to see what is inside. How interesting!

    1. You'll have to stop in for a look around next time you're in the area!



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