Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fancies's possible there may have been a sneak peek of this post back on Wednesday. Someone who shall remain nameless may or may not have forgotten to schedule the date and time before hitting Publish while she was lining up some posts in advance. If so, just pretend you never saw that!

This week meant back to school for many of those who are still involved in school. I'm feeling in a slightly academic mood myself as I reread and rediscover some of Edith Wharton's novels. I find I have a completely new appreciation for them and feel an Edith Wharton phase coming on. I'll do my best to channel the urge to write a college paper about her work into a future blog post instead.

(image--inspired by Joe Fox--via here)

Here are my non-Wharton must-reads from the week:

I love this mini-series in which readers were asked to submit the story behind two photos by The Sartorialist. 

Panna cotta and anything with lavender are two of my signature desserts. I'm dying to try this recipe that combines the two. 

The latest preview of Downton Abbey Season 3. (Take note of the new tall footman!)

I want to knit everything in Brooklyn Tweed's Fall 2012 Look Book. First I should probably finish the current project I'm working on.

list of the greatest American novelists, as ranked in 1929. Some surprising choices, no?

And even though it's geared to people half my age, I'm oddly charmed by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Ask Amy web series, where she gives funny and sweet advice in response to questions from teenage girls.


  1. I'm pretending this is the first time I've read this ;)
    The list of ranked authors from 1929 is awesome. Who the heck is Glenway Wescott?

    1. I know! Reading your way through this list of authors would be a pretty interesting blogger challenge.



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