Monday, November 12, 2012


Living without heat last week turned out to be the perfect excuse to bake a lot as a way of using the oven to warm up my apartment. One of the new recipes I tried out was a Spiced Pumpkin Cookie recipe from the Pretty Delicious cookbook. They turned out to be a very odd little seasonal sweet. After baking, the cookies came out with a very cake-like consistency and never spread out into a flat, round shape. To top it off (pun intended), the pumpkin glaze for the topping turned out kind of sticky and never really hardened into an icing like the recipe promised. I was pretty disappointed and thinking that this recipe wasn't a keeper....until I tasted them and discovered that they tasted like really good, baked pumpkin doughnuts.

Their size and shape even makes them look a little like doughnut holes. They may not be the most photo-worthy of desserts, but if you're looking for a pumpkin-y treat for fall, or if your looking to fool someone into thinking that you slaved over homemade doughnuts, then this is your recipe.


  1. Sometimes the most disappointing looking desserts can be the most surprisingly delicious!

    I love anything with pumpkin ~ yum!

    Do you have power now?

    1. Yes, thanks, and almost there with the heat/ hot water! And thanks for the tip about The Book Depository. I wasn't familiar with that site, but I have a feeling I'll be ordering from it in the future.



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