Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fancies

I'm getting a late start with my Friday post today, but I think I have a good excuse- it's my birthday today! My first order of business was to take the day off work and sleep in a little. I also fully subscribe to the idea of celebrating my entire birthday week with little treats here and there. These are usually just really simple things, like treating myself to a few extra fancy drinks from Starbucks or to a rereading of Persuasion, that still somehow make the week feel special.

 (my Dad and I celebrating a birthday from the past)

Then there's always the option of vicarious online treats, like some of these:

A behind-the-scenes peek at the upcoming film adaptation of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.
A new, pretty series of classics from Penguin Classics.

Season 2 of The Hour is getting closer--it just premiered in the U.K.

Have you heard of The Book Depository? I just discovered it thanks to a tip from Anbolyn and I have a feeling I'll be placing some orders in the future.
And in a bit of a departure from most of my wardrobe, I find myself drawn to these patterned pants.

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?


  1. happy BIRTHDAY! how wonderful that you take the day off and really enjoy. also i love the idea of a week-long birthday treats, and if it's a big birthday, a year-long celebration.

    rereading "persuasion" sounds relaxing and lovely. and i hope you can celebrate with your family - nice photo! joy and birthday wishes, n

    1. Thanks! I like your way of thinking about the year-long celebration!

  2. Happiest of Birthdays! That picture is so adorable!

    I'm glad I could introduce you to The Book Depository - they are such a great source for us Anglophiles.

    The Penguins are beautiful- I am smitten, but I am also groaning. These new editions keep draining my bank account.

    And I cannot wait for The Hour!

    Enjoy your birthday weekend!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes! I'm totally with you on these new editions. I wish they would at least broaden their range of titles. It might make a new edition a little easier to justify if it wasn't my fifth copy of Pride & Prejudice!

  3. I love the idea of weeklong birthday celebration! That means I am not late with my birthday good wishes...

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I treated myself to a trip to Ireland last month. I know, that is a huge treat, but normally I am like you, a special drink from Starbucks, etc. Persuasion is my favorite JA novel. And I am reading Dracula right now. I love it. Have a wonderful week.



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