Monday, March 25, 2013

Year Five Begins

Yesterday marked four years since the day I wrote my first post ever, about three books that I read while I was recovering from having my gallbladder removed and that I would still highly recommend (the books, not the surgery!). It's crazy to think that something that has become such an integral part of my daily life started out as a whim back when I could only just barely call myself a blog reader and was too shy to even comment on another blog. I remember feeling so accomplished after my first few posts which, of course, seem so simplistic when I look back at them now.

(Apropos of nothing, peonies in DC last spring.)

 I've enjoyed sharing little bits of my life--literary and otherwise--and getting to know other bloggers more than I could have ever imagined when I first hit Publish four years ago. So with that, on to year five!


  1. Congratulations! Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is one of my favorites and I love to see a new post pop up. Here's to many more years of Miss Bibliophile and great reading!

    1. Thanks, Anbolyn, your kind words made my morning!



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