Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fancies

This week, I've really been enjoying all of the posts related to Barbara Pym Reading week. I think it's been one of the best author-specific reading weeks that I've seen around the blog world. Not only have I learned a few new things about Pym, but I've discovered some great new blogs that will add some fresh blood to my current online reading routine. If you're at all interested in Pym, I'd highly recommend visiting My Porch and Fig & Thistle a fascinating roundup of posts (two of my personal favorites are this look at the cover designs of Pym's novels and this in-depth article that pays tribute to Pym (and features some great vintage photos of her).

Here are some other, non-Pymsian things that caught my eye this week:

What Jane Saw is an online gallery that allows you to virtually walk in Jane Austen's shoes by recreating an 1813 art exhibit that she attended at the British Museum.

A tooth necklace.

A roundup of bookish products that were featured at BEA this year.

And a New York Times article in which a selection of prominent authors reminisce about their memorable summer reading experiences.

1 comment:

  1. Hasn't Pym week been great? I've really enjoyed reading all the Pym-related posts.
    Thanks for the link to the NYT article - that's one I will definitely peruse.



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