Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fancies

If you've been thinking that it's been too long since you've seen cute beagles on this blog, then you're in for a treat. Millie's current favorite toy seems to be a stuffed Mr. Bill doll that, just like the old time SNL character, says "Ohhhhhh Nooooooo" when you squeeze it. Earlier this week I snapped a picture of her snuggling with it during her pre-bedtime nap. A few days later, my mom sent me a picture of Olive taking an afternoon nap with her own Mr. Bill doll. (Note the missing mouth on hers. Who would think such a sweet face was capable of such mutilation?)

If you happen to be in a market for a dog toy, this one seems to be a favorite. Now for a few more links:

Apropos of the above, ten great dogs from literature.

The Algonquin Hotel in NYC has partnered with Simon & Schuster to create a literary themed hotel suite.... it turns out, that's not the only literary hotel in Manhattan.

And don't forget, after this weekend Google Reader will be a thing of the past. I've switched over to Bloglovin. If you have too, you can follow me there.


  1. I doubt that My grand puppy Violet would let Mr. Bill survive long enough to cuddle! It was good to see Millie and Olive again though. I also really enjoyed the link to the ten greatest dogs in literature.

  2. Yes, I was just thinking it's been far too long since I've seen a cute beagle on your blog. Such perfect timing. :) Also, I think I will borrow a page from Millie's book and also take pre-bedtime naps!!

  3. I haven't seen or heard of Mr. Bill in quite a long time! Great idea for a dog toy :-) Millie looks so content with her Mr. Bill.

    I love the Library Hotel - it would be such fun to curate their collections.

  4. those dog and lovey photos are sweet! and funny. joy to you, n



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