Monday, January 11, 2010

Oxfords (Finally!)

I've been wanting a pair of men's style oxfords since the beginning of the fall. I was casually keeping my eyes open for a pair and as the months went by, every so often would think "I can't believe I haven't gotten my oxfords yet". Last week I finally decided to order a pair so that I would still have plenty of time to wear them throughout the winter. They finally arrived!

And I love them! Especially with patterned tights!

I've been browsing around online for inspiration for some outfits that I can put together around them. I especially like when they're paired with full, feminine skirts like these:

(from The Sartorialist)

(from Darling Dexter)

I've been struggling a bit with how to make them look good with pants. I think they'll definitely look cute with cropped pants in the spring.

(The Sartorialist, again)

I wasn't quite sure how to make them work with jeans, but I like this example:

(from Chicisimo)

And finally, I spotted this dress while window shopping on

I love how it's a very different, unique print, but still a bit subtle from a distance. I would wear oxfords with that.

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