Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Castle Rock

I just spent several hours on trains to and from a work trip, so get ready for quite a few new book posts over the next few days. First up is The View From Castle Rock by Alice Munro. I guess the best way to describe these stories would be as fictionalized biographies since the collection is based around the author and her ancestors.

I picked this book up on the bargain table at B&N because I had heard good things about the title story, which follows the author's Scottish ancestors as they sail for America for the first time. I enjoyed that story, as well as most of the first half of the book, which stays in this time period, chronicling the settling of her family in North America. The stories in the second half of the book left me feeling a bit disconcerted, though. These feature Munro herself as the narrator and main character during different stages of her life. I couldn't quite fully enjoy these, possibly because I was too wrapped up in wondering just how much of the character in those stories was truly the author and how much was pure fiction.

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