Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Withdrawal

I've heard about the phenomenon of brides feeling let down once the excitement of the wedding is over. In my case, I think that's being extended to bridesmaids as well. I was in my friend Lara's wedding over Memorial Weekend and everything was so lovely, and I had such a wonderful time, that I keep wishing we could do it all over again. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing some of these pictures. But, even if she does, she's on her honeymoon right now. She'll never know!

Here are the bridesmaids. None of us are paying attention in this picture, but it shows all the different styles of dresses we chose.

We all got these dainty pearl earrings to accessorize them with.

I added this pearl and crystal beaded necklace that I got at a little costume jewelry store in Hoboken.

But the award for accessory of the day goes to the bride's green shoes.

Some of us with the bride.

Some of us again. In the background you can see the fireplace that was in the reception room. It was very elegant and Martha Stewart-esque... were the beautiful bouquets...

...and the cake. At dessert time, the rest of this table was filled with hundreds of delicious cookies made by Lara's mom. We were too busy gobbling them up to take a picture.

Emergency veil repair, out on the patio where the cocktail hour was held.

The college gang.

And finally, the main event- the bride and groom saying I Do.

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