Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Black Dress

You always hear about how one good little black dress can be worn in a million different ways for a million different occasions. Well, for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I actually did just that. I'm pretty proud of my accessorizing skills (as well as of the celebrity-on-a-red-carpet-like pose of my feet in this picture!).

Using a simple, strapless, JCrew sundress I got several years ago as the base, I carried the clutch you're all probably sick of hearing about by now, wore some strappy heels from Target (also several years old) and added a little shrug for warmth at the end of the night. For the key piece, I spiced up the plain dress with a floral sash.

And here I am double-fisting the most important accessory of all- late night, post rehearsal Starbucks.

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