Sunday, July 11, 2010


I just finished reading the Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg . She's strictly a short story writer whose work was highly recommended to me. It was a recommendation that was right on target, because the stories were all really good.

The stories are all really different, but what they do have in common is the way that Eisenberg captures the voices of a variety of characters, typically kind of quirky, and focuses on in small but pivotal moments in their lives. The massive 900 pages of this book are comprised of three or four of the short story collections that she's written over the years. I like her earliest and most recent stories the best, but I admit that I skipped over a few in the middle. Going from one story right into the next made it a little hard to fully digest some of them. I'd likely go back and reread some of these, one at a time, and at a slower pace.

Final random fact: Deborah Eisenberg is married to Wallace Shawn, from Clueless and, more recently, Gossip Girl.

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